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I know there are times when you feel like eating moi-moi or bean cake (popularly know in Nigeria as akara) but you can’t because you can’t deal with the stress of washing the beans. I know that feeling. When I was an undergraduate my mom makes this beans flour for me and it stays for months.

In this video I give a detailed explanation on how you can make the perfect homemade beans flour at your convenience, store it and use it to make your moi-moi or akara whenever you feel like. The most interesting part is that it can last for months and the taste is still superb.



Dry pepper or grounded dry pepper


Wash the beans to remove the shaft, make sure you remove large amount of the shaft. It goes a long way to help it taste like that of the freshly washed beans and look more white in colour compare to when you grind the back of the beans together with the beans. Pour in tray(s) and dry. Make sure the beans is properly dried. Use your blender to blend, add a little pepper when blending it. Make sure you blend the beans smoothly. It should be very very smooth. If you don’t have the blender you can use to blend it, you can take it to the milling machine to grind it. After blending the beans, allow the bean flour to cool down. This is because while blending, the friction makes the beans flour to be hot, so you have to allow it to cool down before you package it.

Finally, store in a container or a nylon bag for storing food.

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