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When All Hope Is Lost


‘Stella, you’re not alone in this.’ Maria said to me as I walked out of the exam hall.

It was our final year in the state polytechnic for a diploma course. I had everything planned out, I’ve figured out how many years I should spend in school. Surely an extra year for a diploma course was not included. You know, finish my diploma, get a better place for my internship, apply for a direct entry to the university, get a B.Sc in three years and then end-up in an air-conditioned office, a computer on my desk and a VERY GOOD take home pay. Yea! I had it figured out, so I taught. We all have big better brighter dreams, isn’t it?

What will you do when you know deep down in your heart that a Fatima-tara (F9 as we fondly called it back in school) is inevitable? One glance at the question paper was all I needed to know, I could not answer any of the questions. I could not hold back the tears, I’m finished! I literally cried in the exam hall. I had lost all hope. An extra year and extra fees was never in the picture.

‘Stop crying, you’re not alone in this. God knows the best’. Maria said to me, trying as much as possible to cheer me up.

‘An extra year? Ah… I’m finished. God, where are you?’ I cried.

I didn’t speak to anyone, how could I in that state? I quietly walked to the hostel while crying my eyes out. There is no remedy, the die has been cast. All I needed was a miracle and there was none in sight. Just the previous day, my friends and I had concluded a three (3) days prayer and fasting for that same course but it seems God didn’t hear us. I got to my hostel, barely took off my shoes, fell on my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up in the evening with the news of the exam been cancelled, I have never heard of an exam been cancelled. I wished it was true, I hoped it was true but then I took it with a pinch of salt so as not to raise my hope high only for it to be dashed.

The next day, it was confirmed that it was true. There were jubilation among my course mates. The HOD did not only cancel the exam, he also promised to organise lectures to cover the topic since we literally know nothing about the course. (The course lecturer promised to deal with the entire members of the class, story for another day). The HOD took it upon himself to teach us. Alas, the course was simple and easy to understand compare to what the course lecturer made it look like.

I remember my friends and I screaming with joy and bragging we will call for our paper if we scored anything less than a B. Lol…

It ended it praise and I finished with flying colours.


This is the last quarter of the year, most likely at the beginning of the year you might have made plans on what to achieve before the year runs out. It could be in terms of job, scholarship, grants, marriage, spiritual life, business, etc. You work hard, put in extra effort but it seems you’ve just been playing around because you have nothing to show for it.
Yes, we are in the last quarter of the year and it seems to you all hope is lost. Bro, Sis, do not relent, ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST, your break through is just around the corner. Be faithful! Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him. (Psalm 37:7)

I guess is not too late to say:

Happy New Month Beautiful people of The Most High God.



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