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Saving Yourself For Marriage? Is It Worth It?


Hello Dear,
Let’s talk about sex, let’s talk about premarital sex!
Is it necessary for one to indulge in premarital sex?

Save yourself for marriage! Save yourself for marriage, is it worth it?

What are the advantages of abstaining from premarital sex?

Let’s discuss in the comment section.

Today on the channel, I’ll be discussing with us six (6) reasons why we should abstain from premarital sex, six (6)reasons why we should save ourselves for marriage.

You see, premarital sex is the norm abstinence a thing of the past and because it is glaring everywhere, on the television, in schools even inside the church it is accepted by many.

But the fact is accepted by many, does it make it right? The fact you’re planning to get married does it make it right?

Watch the video for more!

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