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6 Things You Should Know About Saving Yourself For Marriage


I love the fact that in as much as fornication, adultery with no sense of remorse by some is the in-thing in town, proud baby mamas every where, there are some, so many people that have decided to abide by God’s rule.

Thank  God for groups such as like Virgin Till Marriage (VTM) to mention but a few on Facebook, God bless the brains behind that group.

I’m a good spectator or should I say observer in most groups I belong to. I’m used to read, like, love, comment (rarely though) a post and waka pass but today I intend to break that jinx. Probably someone will learn from this.

Most of the things I learnt or decision I took that has helped shaped my life for the better was either learnt as a child or as a teenage and one of them is abstaining from premarital sex.

Here are some tips in no particular order to guide us.


  1. Choosing to abstain from premarital sex is not something you just casually say to yourself, “Well, let me just manage and keep myself. Shebi people are doing it? Let me just kuku join them. #Smiling No! It doesn’t work that way. There is nothing like just, maybe. Mba! Abstaining from sex is a conscious thing, is a conscious effort, you don’t say let me try. No! You      say this is what I want; this is what I want to do, come rain, come shine. You should have this always at your finger tips. Certainly there are days you’ll feel bad probably the one you love rejected you because you refuse to give in, or you’re been mocked by your friends. Feel free to cry for a while if you must but always remember, is your decision to make. That is want you want come rain, come shine and stick to it!


  1. Bro, Sis, truly body no be wood. You have blood running through your veins. Do not claim tough or strong by visiting an opposite sex. My dear, you might claim tough but konji does not care who you are, you might end up doing what you never intended to do. Do not get me wrong, one can actually visit an opposite sex and nothing will happen. Sure! But please it is better to be safe than sorry. There are those that have been drugged, raped or their feelings got over them. Virginity is like a balloon, just a little pierce and is gone forever. Be careful!


  1. Opening your mouth to tell every dick, tom and harry that you’re a virgin is a No! No! My dear, jealous friends still exist, they might set you up. You think it doesn’t happen? Abeg park well. Truth is there are some people that will mock you, make fun of you because you choose to remain chaste but deep within them, they wish they were like you. Do not allow the devil to use them against you. Only disclose your status when is necessary.


Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. 1st Corinthians 6:18


  1. What kind of movies do you watch? Pornography movies? What kind of books do you read? Sexual arousing novels? And then you tend to focus on the sexually erotic part of the book. You can even read that particular page over and over again? That thing has a way of playing with the head. Bro, Sis, be careful, emotions might over cloud your sense of reasoning and you might end up experimenting it before the d-day.


  1. Do not go into a relationship when you’re not ready for marriage. Even when you’re, there should be limits and boundaries. You’re 15 or 20 still battling with JAMB. What you need is your books and not the love, attention or affection of the opposite sex. Keep the relationship as friends and not bed mate or smooching mate.


  1. Lastly keep in mind that virginity is not a guaranty for a happy marriage if you fail to plan well and sure is not a guaranty to heaven if you fall short of other sins.



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