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She Made it!


Just like one filled with surprise seeing a long lost friend, I called out,


She smiled.

She smiled at me.

I woke.


I saw her.

Although it happened briefly.

I know what I saw.

There was something about her smile.

Was it a sign of peace or fulfillment?

I do not know.

But I knew she was happy.

And her teeth? Those teeth, those shining teeth.

Or was it her robe?

It was white, pure white.

No! It was much more than that.

I lack words to describe it.

I’m glad she made it.

She made it to the other side of life.

Each time I think of you, I always remember that day.

One of those Saturdays, we were paired together for evangelism.

And as we walked along that trade fair road, we discussed.

I remember you told me about a certain neighbour.

It didn’t matter if you were right, it didn’t matter if you were the eldest.

I guess some Christians might just conclude and say “let me just stay on my lane, moreover, God knows I have nothing against anyone.”

But that was not you.

You went an extra mile even when probably some would think it doesn’t matter.

But you still did.

In your words, “No one knows when he/she will leave this earth.”

Little things we count as nothing might actually mean something.

Who would have taught you were next?

You had gone for a friend’s wedding that festive period, and on your way back you had an accident just while you were close by.

“Jesus! I pray you made it! I muttered to myself.

And each time I think of you, my mind takes me back to that last evangelism we had together.

I remember telling Sis. Lauretta what I saw or was it someone else?

And she replied some people had similar experience of that about you.

I know you made it!

And I’m glad you did!

I hope I make it too.


Till then,

Keep resting at the bosom of our Lord.

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