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This Business Called “Church”


My stay at one of the eastern part of Nigeria taught me a lot, one of which is the church is a booming business, very booming business and some Nigerians, Christians particularly are gullible. My dear, almost every nook and cranny of that state is a church. Tell them about a particular church where a miracle occur recently, you will find them in that particular church the next Sunday or weekend service. It doesn’t matter how much they are been charged or ask to pay to receive their miracles by this fake brethren that parade themselves as Pastors of The Most High.

The vicinity where some of these churches are located are something else, how can I go to a church and keep holding my breath till the end of the service?

When passing bye on my way to the market I will have to hold my breath or cover my nose with my hands or face towel till I’ve walked a distance away from that spot so why should I stay hours in that same vicinity praying, singing and dancing?

Our God is not a dirty God! Shea it is said that cleanliness is next to godliness?

I’ve been wondering, why do we have plenty of churches around us yet things are getting bad?

I guess many pastors focus more on her members giving to the church than teaching them about holiness. To this set the church is actually a business, where every Dick, Tom and Jerry thinks they have the calling to lead God’s children.

No wonder people like Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as Daddy Freeze will come out to say if you pay your tithe to a Nigerian pastor you are a goat or if you want to give your money to Jesus, give it to the homeless, people in the hospital, hungry and naked people. I like the response D’Banj gave him during Omotola’s Ekeinde 40 birthday celebration. Just Incase you didn’t get to watch the video, he said to Mr. Freeze that he pays his tithe, what the pastor gets to do with his money is not his business. Something like that.

There is a difference between paying your tithe and helping individuals. Tithe belongs to the house of God no two ways about that fact! If you scored 100 (A) in ENG 101 and scored 0 (F) in GNS 101, will you ask the ENG lecturer to transfer 50 marks to take care of GNS 101?

Meanwhile it is on the news that one Apostle + Prophet Joshua Oribhabor of Grace Dispensation Prophetic Ministry Int’l a.k.a City of Grace lost his life while running away after police found him in the company of some suspected kidnappers.

If this is actually true and he died in the act without salvation would it be right to say rest in pieces? We know that there is no peace after death for the wicked.

Come to think of it, why do people still go ahead to say or type rest in peace when from all indication the soul is going to hell?

What do you think?

Dear Christians,

Please, live your life well so when you die your friends and family won’t have to wish you “rest in peace” when they actually know you are in hell, roasting in pieces.


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