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How Do You Treat Your Spouse?


I don’t actually know if the title of this blog post befits the story I’m about to share, nonetheless I hope you understand the reason for the post and learn one or two more from it.

Papa Chidi and Mama Chidi is one of my many neighbours, Papa Chidi is the direct opposite of Mama Chidi, you know, not too tall (I guess it is not right to call someone short), on the quiet side from my own observation though the wife says otherwise, generally he is on the small side while Mama Chidi has some extra flesh and the talkative type. I am just curious on what made Mama Chidi to accept Papa Chidi’s marriage proposal, Papa Chidi is far older than Mama Chidi, love is actually blind. Don’t tell it is money because it is not.  Occasionally when there is quarrel between them it is actually Mama Chidi’s voice that tells us they have started, you hardly hear that of Papa Chidi. I thought that was all to it till Mama Chidi had a misunderstanding with Mama Emma. You need to see these women bashing each other with words. I am not a good story teller so I can’t remember their exact word but this is what it looks like

Mama Chidi: Thank God I no be illiterate like you, I go school. (She finished SS3 and spent some time in a computer training class which she didn’t complete.)

Mama Emma: You go sit down there I go finish secondary school, enter university graduate. (She attends an adult secondary school and in JSS3 )

Mama Chidi: I no blame you bla bla bla…

They went on and on but what actually made me scratch my ears was Mama Emma’s reply when Mama Chidi  made mention of her not respecting her  husband (Papa Chidi).

Mama Emma: Me, why I go respect your husband, you, you dey respect your husband? You wey you go catch your husband dey beat beat am, na sound we go just dey hear katapu-katapu! Make my husband comot, make your husband comot, your husband fit stand my husband?

Wow… Mama Emma’s room was close to Mama Chidi’s room. Since that day henceforth, the story changed for the better. Mama chidi stopped beating fighting her husband.

How do you treat your spouse? Do you treat them like the kings/queens they are? Would you want others to treat them same way you treat them? Put yourself in their position, how does it feel to be treated that way?

Do not think no one notice the way you treat your spouse, people actually do and might tend to use it against you someday.

Finally, treat others, your spouse inclusive the way you want to be treated.

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