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Condom or Abstinence : A Christian’s Perspective


During my youth service, some group of people came to sensitize us about the dreaded virus, how we should protect ourselves and at the end of their sensitization, condoms were shared among the corp members, you need to see the way people stumble upon each other just to get it. I know some actually made use of theirs because stories of condoms littered around the parade ground flew here and there. I also remembered my platoon leader’s advice to us,

‘Please my children, behave yourself, do not use the opportunity of this few weeks to destroy what you and your parent has build for years. HIV is real, it is not written on the face…’

She went on and on, she went on to tell us about the story of a beautiful girl in her platoon the previous year that was HIV positive and how guys flocked around her without knowing her status.

It is no more news that HIV/AIDS is real, where ever you go, you see signboards mounted be it in the major streets, villages, rural or urban areas. In your workplace, schools, social gatherings and media, one is been educated about the virus. That’s a good one! Some advert will read thus:

‘HIV no dey show for face, be faithful to your partner and if you must do, make you use condom.’

The last 8 words is the one actually giving me concern, why? That is because we are indirectly encouraging fornication and adultery. I have been directly and indirectly involve in the sensitization of people against the virus. I can’t bring myself telling one to use condom when abstinence is the answer, I can’t tell him/her it is save to use condom because I will be leading him/her to destruction. Even the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran is against that, so why should we encourage it. It is like giving one an option.

‘If you must do use condom!’

If you must do abi? Use condom, okwa ya? Ok!

Please take very good care of yourself and protect yourself from all areas. If you are married be faithful to your partner and if you are single condom is not the answer, ABSTINENCE is!!!

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