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“You Don’t Have To Be Half, Stylishly Or Fully Naked To Stand Out” — Ukey Mary


Meet Ukey Mary who believes you don’t have to be half, stylishly or fully naked to stand out!

She is wearing a simple dress made from wine code lace. In her words,

“I choose to dress modestly because that is the least I can do to respect the temple of the Holy Ghost (1Corinthians 6:19), my motive for dressing modestly is to please God. More so, as a lady I believe there are parts of my body that aren’t made to be seen! So, what do I do? I cover them up as much as possible. Gone are the days when Christians are associated with dressing shabbily. I believe you can be a Christian, dress up decently and still STAND OUT! Dear,, you don’t have to be half, stylishly or fully naked to stand out. And no! You don’t have to dress awkwardly to be a Christian.”

She went further to give some tips in dressing modestly as follows:

  • Set a standard for yourself and do everything possible not to compromise that standard. be known for something.
  • Be convinced about your stand, you don’t want to be swayed easily.
  • You don’t need to have all the money in the world, just know how to get good things.
  • Also, a simple knowledge about colours and colour matching could help
  • On a lighter note you could learn to sew (like she did), even if is just to make simple wears for yourself.
  • Be smart but covered!
  • And ultimately pay attention to the Holy Spirit, he will always tell you what He doesn’t want on you, unless you choose to ignore.

This is wow.

We love it!

Dress made by Nonye_Couture, (Her mum, sounds lovely, right? Get in touch with her to make modestly beautiful dress for you too!)


Phone: 08034151552

  • Do you have some tips or reasons for dressing modestly? Let us know!


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