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“Don’t Let That Crush Crush You” a book by Funto Ayidu


Most of us have one time or the other been engulfed or infatuated about our crush, some never handled it well which in turn affected their lives negatively. “Don’t Let That Crush Crush You” is a book by Funto Ayidu on how to handle such matters.

Funto Ayidu

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Victoria Funto Ayidu. I hail from Ada, Osun state. I hold a B.A and M.A in English and Literary studies from Ekiti State University and University of Ibadan respectively. I’ve got great passion for inspiring young folks towards living a profitable, purposeful and meaningful life. I am married to Charles Ayidu and we have a son.

When did you become a writer?

When? That’s a pretty much difficult question to answer. Nevertheless, I will try my best to answer. I can say I became a writer when I was 18, at least that’s the moment I really can remember. Fueled by so much passion to solve a problem in the society, I wrote a five-chapter simple book titled Adolescents and Parents: You Two can be friends in one sitting.

Why do you write?

I write to make positive impacts in the world. I do not write for the sake of writing. I recognize a need or a problem and I try to solve it, such that I always want to add great value to my readers.

What is your writing day like?

My writing day? My writing day is any day. I could carry an idea for minutes, days, weeks but the moment my mind can no longer contain the passion, I burst into writing and voila! My piece becomes cooked and ready for consumption by readers.

As a writer, we sure know you read, right?


Who are your favourite authors and why?

Myles Munroe is my favourite author. His books pierce into the depth of my being. The first book of his that I read gave my life so much meaning and direction. He just makes so much sense.

What book did you read recently?

Run Baby Run by Nicky Cruz

Tell us about your book, Don’t Let That Crush Crush You

It’s a book that reveals the struggle and reality every young person contends with. It educates on crush (attraction to the opposite sex), its purpose and how to handle it, such that it won’t crush you.

What is the inspiration behind the book?

The inspiration is borne out of my passion for adolescents and young people who live gullibly and without understanding. A lot of them make avoidable mistakes because of ignorance. Most of them are oblivious of the fire which their emotions carry and sadly, very few adults are willing to be their friend, counselor and guide. This book is an answer to their many questions, a stitch in time for their lives and a timely rescue from negative sexual choices.

Who are your target audience?

Young people, parents and adults who love young people.

Funto Ayidu

What advice will you give your target audience?

I want them to know that you have only one life and it’s very brief. Every single day of your life gradually pieces the puzzle that will eventually make your history in the future. Make a decision today to always make choices that will make your existence on earth meaningful.

Where can your audience get your book?

Send me a mail or message on facebook and we’ll take it from there.

How can your audience be connected to you? Website, blog, twitter etc.

Facebook name: Funto-Abioye Ayide

E-mail address:


Thanks alot Funto.

My pleasure.

Dear Young People, are you facing any challenge associated with you been a teen and looking for that listening ear to share them with? Get in touch with her, you will be glad you did!

Finally, truth be told, many teens and youths are struggling with the issue of crush, gift this book to that youth, teen close to you, who knows? You might be saving someone’s future.


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